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How to Spread Magic


1. Community Fundraising Magic Show: Have our founder Chad Juros or local magicians from your area present a community magic show to raise money and awarness!


2. Kids….help us raise money! There are lots of ways kids & teenagers have helped us: have a fundraiser, wash cars, have a bake sale, clean garages, host a summer camp, have a golf or tennis tournament! Use your imagination and spread the magic. 

3. Donate money! Help us spread the magic to the the lives of those children that have been impacted by cancer. We have no overhead so, depending on how YOU donate, your contribution will make a difference!

4. Donate supplies. As a no overhead organization, we rely on the generous support of others to supply much needed office supplies, photocopying services, stamps, etc. Email us with your ideas of how you can help us spread the magic.


Please CONTACT US if you are interested in helping Spread The Magic Foundation.

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